The beginning

Not quite the beginning but given the right amount of motivation from a few vested individuals. This marks the beginning of telling my story or entry. During 2020 the year of absolute worldly chaos.

I’ve had an idea to start writing for sometime now and in part have put it off, but also due to a lot of personal events which have taken my focus of getting to this starting point but i’m here now.

From work colleagues, family and close friends. you need to write a book, you know so much. (do I? or did I just take some time out to understand my reality and question my reality an what I take for granted everyday or I am told that’s just how it is.) So i’ll start with a blog and hopefully some interactions with readers. Regardless I just need out whats in my head.

Anyway lets go on this journey. I expect this blog to flow in and out of current times and lots of delving into history,etymology, spiritual concepts and so on.

So… what happens when you scratch and dent the surface a little and then lift the veil? What happens when you challenge perceived common consensus? So far to date among my small circle of influence and audiences… Mixed responses, from wow this is amazing and just wow, to you’re a crazy conspiracist what do you actually believe in? Do you believe in god etc…

What is a belief?

believe (v.)

Old English belyfan “to have faith or confidence” (in a person), earlier geleafa (Mercian), gelefa (Northumbrian), gelyfan (West Saxon), from Proto-Germanic *ga-laubjan “to believe,” perhaps literally “hold dear (or valuable, or satisfactory), to love” (source also of Old Saxon gilobian “believe,” Dutch geloven, Old High German gilouben, German glauben), ultimately a compound based on PIE root *leubh- “to care, desire, love”

Meaning “be persuaded of the truth of” (a doctrine, system, religion, etc.) is from mid-13c.; meaning “credit upon the grounds of authority or testimony without complete demonstration, accept as true” is from early 14c. General sense “be of the opinion, think” is from c. 1300. Related: Believed (formerly occasionally beleft); believing.

For me I spot a red flag with the meaning and I’ll delving into observations like this a lot. ( Conscious i’m using the same said language to have this observation :@) ) and also delving into origin of languages and significance of timing in line with world events and publications which in turn have changed the world or still impact the world to date.